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BioEthik Passion ♥ February-March 2023

Dernière mise à jour : 7 mars

Dear friends,

In difficult times, we can always find solace in nature, so I hope you enjoy this newsletter from my biodynamic wine farm here in the southwest of France.

Starting this month, you can order Château de Lardiley “Pure Fruit,” an excellent free-run Sauvignon Gris that is the only no-sulfites-added white Bordeaux to be certified by US Organic (and Demeter). I’ll be selling this cuvée capsule free as an environmental gesture that consumers seem ready for, judging by a recent MillésimeBio survey.

BioEthik Bordeaux’s biodynamic products are now also available through the local drive-through farm cooperative, as well as L'Abreuvoir, a wonderfully creative bistro in Paris.

Finally, you may be interested to know we’ve fertilized my new kitchen garden in Saint-Germain-de-Grave with composted vine shoots. It’s another way to reduce waste and naturally regenerate our soils.

Spring is here… Let’s celebrate new beginnings!


“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrate


You’ve heard of free-range eggs, but what about free-run wine?

Did you know “free-run” wine is the purest, finest quality? It’s made from the juice that runs freely from the bottom of the tank after fermentation but before any mechanical pressing, so there’s less contact with bitter pips, skins and stems. Our “Pure Fruit” free-run 2022 Château de Lardiley Sauvignon Gris is the only no-sulfites-added white Bordeaux to be certified by US Organic, which requires strict controls before and after bottling. Only 8,000 bottles are available, so contact me quick for samples of this exceptional cuvée!

Help save waste with capsule-free bottles!

Wine consumers appreciate eco-friendly packaging (see below). That’s why you now have the option of ordering my 2022 Château Mamin Red and Château de Lardiley Oak-Matured Sauvignon Gris without wasteful, hard-to-recycle foil capsules. (The exclusive “Pure Fruit” Sauvignon Gris will only be available capsule free.)

To smooth the transition, I’ve produced a paper neck tag explaining how this small gesture can make a big difference. Are you ready to make the change?

More proof consumers appreciate eco-friendly wine

MillésimeBio, the global organic wine show in Montpellier, France, recently shared the results of a survey of more than 4,000 Belgian, British, French and German consumers. A striking 76 % consumed organic wine and 61 % said a higher price was justified. 57 % paid attention to eco-friendly packaging and sustainable resources, 56 % to no-sulfites-added winemaking and 51 % to biodiversity preservation. While only 22 % knew what biodynamic certification meant, 74 % of those said it boosted their trust. Let’s keep educating wine lovers!

Locavores can now click and collect BioEthik Bordeaux products

I’m delighted to now be selling my biodynamic wines and eggs through three Bordeaux-center outlets of Le Drive Fermier Gironde. This drive-through farm cooperative was set up by the local Chamber of Agriculture under a nationwide brand, Bienvenue à la Ferme. Participating farmers are regarded as ambassadors of sustainable farming who help preserve France’s natural heritage. For their part, customers can be proud of supporting biodiversity, regional savoir-faire and small farmers. Way to go, locavores!

Château Mamin featured on L’Abreuvoir’s latest wine list

© L’Abreuvoir

The aptly named “Watering Place” (L’Abreuvoir) is one of the 15th arrondissement’s best-kept secrets with its sunny terrace and gourmet menu. Launched 25 years ago, this all-day Parisian bistro and café offers a creative selection of home-cooked dishes and quality wines, including my Château Mamin Organic Red. Check out the mouth-watering photos on L’Abreuvoir’s Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Love it!

Here’s a preview our my kitchen garden in beautiful Saint-Germain-de-Grave. We’ve just fertilized the soil with composted vine shoots from the Château Mamin and Château de Lardiley vineyards. I’ll tell you more about my plans for organic vegetables soon!

Fresh from the farm

For our fresh herbs and Gascon eggs, please contact us.

Thanks for reading! Have questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you.

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