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Château Mamin Graves Red 2020

This year, La Revue du vin de France recommended 1,400 wines costing €5-25, including Château Mamin 2020. We're delighted to rank among the magazine's top 5 from the Graves wine region!



"Last year, we were a little hasty in saying this very ripe and free-flowing wine should be drunk quickly. It's not for long-term ageing, but in a year it has become more refined and complex, developing very fine notes of fresh cigar and a velvety, candied feel."  

Earlier this year, James Suckling, the famous wine and cigar critic, judged our wine to be remarkable, with a 91/100 score. (He explains on his website that a wine rated 90 point s or more is outstanding "A.")

“Rich and fruity nose of spiced plums, blueberries, mocha and roasted herbs. It's smoky and spicy, with excellent development and complexity. 65% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Petit Verdot. From organically grown grapes. No sulfites added. Why wait? Drink now.”

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 12.40.43.png

Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World 2007, ranked our organic red among his top three Graves wines in a blind tasting of around 200 samples in 2021. 

"Dark purple color. Pure nose open with a slight balsamic spiciness but within the frames of purity offering crushed cherry, cassis, plum and floral lavender like notes. Pure and digest palate with fluid young fruit, ripe tannin, supple and fresh with good purity and length."

Ode to Château Mamin!

One of our consumers was inspired to write a poem about our 2020 Château Mamin organic red!
Here it is, in translation:

O Graves wine, Château Mamin,

You are the nectar of my destiny,

Your subtle aromas, your golden hue,

Take me on a voyage of enchanted lands.


In your sealed bottle, you conceal a treasure,

Years of patience, love and toil,

And when I taste your unique flavor,

I am carried away by an intoxicating fantasy.


Your red-fruit notes, your spicy touch

Are a symphony of tastes and harmony,

And when I close my eyes to better savor you,

I am transported to a world of poetry.


O Château Mamin, you are a true gem,

Your silky texture and finale keep me enthralled,

And when I share your bottle with friends,

I am sure that endless moments of joy lie ahead.


Château Mamin, you are my favorite wine,

And I cannot help but adore you,

You are a treasure of the Bordeaux terroir,

And each sip fills me with pure delight that never wanes.

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