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Gascon eggs

Gascon eggs


(1 box of 6 eggs)


Animal welfare is at the heart of biodynamic farming, so we treat our hens with the utmost care.


We decided to rear Gascon chickens, known since the 16th century for the “poule au pot” made famous by Henri IV (1553-1610).


This local breed is a good laying hen with high-quality meat but has often been abandoned in favor or hybrid breeds that grow twice as fast and produce twice as many eggs.


Gascon hens lay round 150 eggs a year (compared to 300 eggs for more “modern” breeds) and consume more feed per egg produced. In addition, the male chicks fatten in 24-28 weeks and consume more feed per kg of live weight than other breeds (12 weeks for “Label Rouge” chickens).


To pick up your eggs, come to our farm shop in Cadillac (address below) or contact us!

  • Details

    This hen is lively, intelligent, proud and elegant. A sporty animal, it likes to search for its food in large fields. Eggs: 60-65 g, white shell.

  • Did you know?

    On the BioEthik Bordeaux farm, we avoid artificial lighting in our coops to respect the natural rhythm of our hens. We also avoid chick culling, instead raising roosters with the same care as our hens.

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