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Our Philosophy

At age 10, it was as if I had fallen into the vat. Those of you familiar with the comic character Obélix will relate to this reference. Winemaking was a family tradition, and the love of our terroir had been passed down for generations. For me, cultivating, planting and nurturing the land with respect began as a childhood passion.


Ten years ago, my team and I decided to take a 100% organic approach to winemaking, from cultivating our vineyards, through to vinification. We abandoned chemical fertilizers and herbicides, beginning the cycle by regenerating the soil to provide the right nutrients for quality grapes. This revised agricultural approach quickly demonstrated the value of renewed biodiversity as our vineyards evolved into a haven for birds, insects, plants and animal life. Creating this biotope is a gift to nature, which in return has rewarded us with richer aromas and flavors in our wines.


Since 2020, we have produced 100% organic, Demeter-certified biodynamic wines with no added sulfites. Our Château de Lardiley (Sauvignon gris white) is bottled in November at the peak of its aromatic intensity, while Château Mamin (Graves red) is finished in wood kegs for 12 months to express its full potential.

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