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Our philosophy

      From heritage to future-proofing      
Preservation and innovation of the terroir

At age 10, it was as if I had fallen into the vat. For those of you that are familiar with Obélix, you can relate to the comic character reference. Winemaking was a family tradition, and the love of the terroir has been passed down for generations. For me, cultivating land, planting and nurturing with respect and care began as a childhood passion.


Ten years ago, I made the decision together with my team to take a holistic grassroots and 100% organic approach to wine-making, from cultivating our vineyards, through to vinification. We abandonned chemical fertilizers and herbicides completely. The cycle begins with care and regeneration of the humus soil that provide the vineyards with the nutrients they require to produce quality grapes and gusto. A revised agricultural approach quickly led us realize the value of renewed biodiversity. As a result, our vineyards have evolved into a haven for birds, insects, plants, and wild and domestic animal life. Creating this biotope is a gift back to nature, and in return, and nature has rewarded us with superior quality wines, boasting sharper aromas and flavors.


Sulfite-free wines in 2020. This year, we harvested and produced 100% organic wines without the addition of sulfites. This could only be accomplished as a result of a matured model of organic farming with a decade of learning and a blend of modern and heritage techniques. Our White and Rosé wines from Château de Lardiley were bottled after a harvest of sun-ripened grapes at the peak of maturity to create rich aromatics. Our flagship reds at Château Mamin are finished in wood kegs for the next 12 months to age and cultivate their full-bodied magnificence.

Our beliefs and values centered on organic agriculture and sustainability don’t stop with us. Our partners are also rallied around making environmental protection a priority. 

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