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BioEthik Passion ♥ May 2022

Dernière mise à jour : 7 mars

Dear customers, colleagues and friends,

Welcome to the first edition of BioEThik Passion . We’ve designed our monthly newsletter to keep you informed of our latest developments while sharing some highlights from life on our biodynamic wine farm here in the peaceful Garonne Valley.

It’s been quite a month! As Spring bursts into bloom, it’s hard to imagine the sub-zero temperatures that just a few weeks ago threatened to destroy the first buds on the vine. Fortunately, late pruning protected our crop, but we’ll need to keep listening to nature as the seasons unfold.

With this hurdle crossed, the farm reached another exciting milestone: filling our new greenhouse with sustainable, organic herbs ready for sale to some of France’s finest restaurants – and why not your kitchen?

We also orchestrated a move to fresh pastures for our Landais sheep, Gascon chickens and Pyrenean donkeys. Kiwi, our youngest donkey, was particularly pleased, as you’ll see.

Last week, we presented Château Mamin 2021 Organic Graves Red to journalists at the Primeurs tasting week in Bordeaux.

And last but not least, we were delighted to start an exclusive distribution agreement for our wines with The Wine Stop in California.

On behalf of everyone on the farm, I wish you all a wonderful month of May,

Vincent .

“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates


“Taille tôt, taille tard… rien ne vaut la taille de Mars” (P

rune early or prune late? Nothing beats March)

Last year’s April weather brought catastrophic damage to many vineyards and fruit farms across France. Keen to heed nature’s warnings and limit the risks of a late frost, we pruned our vines late in March.

This strategy (and luck) paid off: the first buds, still closed, survived three days of sub-zero temperatures at the beginning of the month. Pruned a few weeks earlier, our crop could have been ruined in under an hour…


Sustainable and biodynamic: fresh herbs for your kitchen

After a year’s preparation and discussions with partners at Collège Culinaire de France, BioEthik Bordeaux lau

nched its first sustainable, biodynamic fresh herbs. We’ll nurture our plants all year round with solar energy and rainwater captured by our greenhouse. And they’ll keep growing for months as you snip, thanks to liter-capacity pots made of Vosges spruce fibers and filled with sustainable organic compost. Enjoy a taste of nature guilt free!


Greener pastures and the joys of Spring

Our animals help restore rich biodiversity to our vineyards and fields – a key principle of biodynamic farming, along with animal well-being. That’s why we regularly move our friends around the farm, ensuring they always have fresh grazing grounds. To limit the disruption to our laying hens, we orchestrated a move at night, settling the coops while they slept. Our Landais sheep regrouped peacefully with their lambs. But no one appeared happier than Kiwi, our 18 month old Pyrenean donkey, as you can see in this quick video.


Château Mamin at En Primeur Week En Primeur Week is a centuries-long tradition, when Bordeaux winemakers present their future vintages while still in the maturation stage. It’s a major international event, with 85% of sales intended for export, according to the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (UGCB). This year, at the end of April, we presented Château Mamin 2021, our Demeter-certified, no-sulfites-added Red Graves to a panel of wine journalists. Cheers!


California: here we come!

In April, we were delighted to start an exclusive agreement in California with The Wine Stop, one of America’s top wine stores. Our new partner will distribute Château Mamin Red Graves and Château de Lardiley Sauvignon Gris, our 100% organic, biodynamic and no sulfites-added wines. We thank The Wine Stop for their confidence and look forward to sending many bottles their way!


Love it! See Kiwi's reaction when we moved him to a new field: pure unbridled joy!

2022 wine availability and price list Terroir, tradition and 100% biodynamic farming enable us to produce balanced, elegant and yet powerful wines. On as we like to say, “nature in a bottle.” See our 2022 price list here. (+ link) Fresh from the farm For our fresh herbs, Gascon eggs, ready-to-cook Gascon chickens and Landais lamb, please contact us. Thanks for reading! Have questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you.

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